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hi Wendy

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i just found a link to coronary spasm—-that may not be your problem—
prevention include
1 stop smoking
2 exercise
3 cut down on fat/cholesterol etc

just read another person’s testimony —personal treatment on coronary spasm do you have angina to the extent of waking you up from sleep? if you do not have pain at rest—perhaps it may not be your problem

perhaps it is something else—-a second opinion from another cardiologist may help

the best clinic on heart—is the world renoun Cleveland Clinic in Ohio

has an unified way to treat heart problem—-they keep 1 file/record so that all the doctors who see you may know or have a complete knowledge of your problems,and past/present treatments etc their site also has help/explanations on different heart problems

perhaps we have to build up the strength before we can go i flew to Cleveland once—but now i do not know so keep up your exercise—-start small in small increments at my worse time i started walking only 1 or 3 blocks then i returned home i tried 2 or 3 times a day then next dat i tried 3-4 blocks–of course i monitored myself with my oxygen oximeter but if i do notthen “pain” is the signal to return

any 1 know of anthing would be helpful for heart failure?
please let me know or give me a link to wherei can find out

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Hi i looking for some easy recipes

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one i need is for rice pudding and other things okay to dpme by a crock pot if possible; the problem is i have food allergies to dyes, hypoglycemic [low blood sugar mine is average 3-5 on the dr's test that go up to 20]; MS and migraines so addatives make it worse; heart prob. [not cholesteral but valve, muscle, and infections in the heart] so am on a salt and fat restriction; and funds restricted and i am exhausted so need something easy to make it out of things that are easily obtained supplies.

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Thanks for the info anyway

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my surgery part is being in motion now as the Lord has a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR while i was in talking to the funeral director and finalizing the wishes i want for after i die.
the cell phone rang and guess what??? it was the blood donour blood bank for me to donate the blood for my surgery and the 3 dates to give came in. boy is the Lord have alot of fun on us, now atleast they are set for Feb 28′th, March 7 &14, now just need the preop. and surgery date to be set and that will be done at the Lord’s time.

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Well my goal changed today and it actually may turn out

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really good it changed. anyway my week goal is to get the kitchen done [cupboards relined, counters, sinks, fridge, stove, floors, all dishes, all done] but what i ended up doing so far is i went to see a worker and talked to her it is funny can tell the difference between Christian ones and non like this one, she is a really nice person but i talked to her for exactly 1hr then ran out of things to say to her as she doesn’t understand the bible or able to help me with things i am struggling with in the spiritual front. and when i talk to the Christain ones i never run out of ?? as after talking to her i went over to a friend whom helped me before i accpted the Lord and talked to her for over 2hrs, anyway i gave up on the cleaning, for the day.
and did call the funeral home and am going to meet with the undertaker for the details of what i want to have done just incase!
but i know it won’t be needed, anyway i am talking to him on Thursday at 1pm and right now am only wanting a cremation and nothing else done except the paper article that i will write[don't know how to word it yet but i will learn] and i also did write [not e-mailed yet though] to my pastor’s wife and still need to do my parents and children’s letters as these will be alot harder. anyway i feel like i am going to cry so bye for awhile.

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thanks for info on ms

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i have heard about interferon —-perhaps it is too muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch for me more than $1000/month with only medicare—i do not have the benefits of athe navy —- i am on heavy vitamin c— hopeflly stimulate production of interferon– often the herbs i am taking may be giving me problems too so the rest is up to THe Good Lord—-and perhaps some prayer support
dave lam

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There is a treatment for MS called Beta or Alfa Interferon

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azithromycin250or something like azithromycin 250 mg do you know about it, My sister has MS and refused these treatments about 15 or 20 years ago she is now in a nursing home in Fla. A childhood friend also has MS, which began, at the about the same time she took the treatments and has lived almost a normal life Once she was so crippled she wore leg braces.

Some strange circumstances about MS and these two people We lived one house apart as children both had husbands who were in the USAF both delivered the first child in a USAF hospital both lived on the same street after USAF both came down with MS. Both had spinal fluid removed during delivery I know two other women who had the spinal tap who also have ms one also had first baby delivered in Military hospital.

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boy is it cold out tonight

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and my neighbours moved out and i didn’t realize how cold is is until they moved out their furniture and turned their heat off i live in a town house type and i am freeeeeezing right now i have my heat turned up to 75* and i still cannot get warm but i did make it to church [actually got dressed today 1'st time in 4 days] anyway i am so dizzy today i know it is from lack of oxygen from the heart prob. as i know it is getting worse the cardiac care co-ordinate scared me and i am still shacking from what she said ‘ she doesn’t know the Lord and i know he can change it but she asked why i wasn’t in hospital and doesn’t know how i keep going as my heart has so much damage and the muscles have weakened up and have dropped the heart down just alittle but enough to cause more stress on it. and this has also caused more damage to the mylon sleths anyway i know things can be better but as i said when she asked why i am not in hospital and my answer to her was if I WAS IN HOSPITAL THEN HOW CAN I GET THE SUPPORT I NEED as my support is on the net, and by doing the final things i need to do, and she also told me that if i wasn’t on the emergency list then the sleths are so swollen [she talked to the MS Dr] and said that they will shut down the other organs before THIS CHRISTMAS, anyway i am worried but know that things will work out i just WISH PEOPLE THAT HAVE MS OR ARE CAREGIVERS OF PERSONS WITH IT. i know what it is like to suffer and be a caregiver both but i just want to INFORM THOSE PERSONS PLEASE REMEMBER TO GET ALL INFORMATION CAUSE SO MANY PERSONS AND PROFESSIONALS KEEP FORGETTING THAT THE NERVE PATHWAYS FROM THE ORGANS ALSO CAN BE INTERFERED WITH NOT JUST OUR LIMBS, EYESIGHT, AND EXTERNAL THINGS. And if diagnosed with another illness then remember DON’T GIVE UP and it could be just a symptom of the MS AND CHECK EVERYTHING OUT AS SOME SYMPTOMS CAN BE CONTROLLED, and MS WILL NOT KILL A PERSON BUT SYMPTOMS WILL ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT ARE LEFT UNCHECKED OR IF A PROFESSIONAL SAYS DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT IF IT BUGS YOU THEN CHECK IT OUT. CAUSE ONLY YOU KNOW YOUR BODY AND LITTLE THINGS DON’T NEED TO BECOME BIG THINGS AND STRESS AND WORRIES MAKES IT BIG. THANK-YOU FOR LISTENING.

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Best of luck with your health problems and those of your husband

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I suffer from angina, which remains, now after 8 years, untreated by orthodox methods. I’m still struggling to find the right combination of diet and exercise, with some help from nutritional supplements, to rid myself of some of the chest pain.
I know that I came near death, when I was admitted the first time to the emergency room, that my cardiovascular disease was more an outcome of poor eating habits, and the overweight, the impaired immunity, the poor nerve function, the insomnia, etc., that those foolish dietary habits led to, than any other factor. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the most productive moves I make, continue to be the best dietary improvements. When I diet wisely, my exercise potential improves, my sleep improves, everything improves. I believe I’m alive today, because I’ve never stopped researching the foods I eat, and don’t eat.

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Hi Everyone!

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I have been searching for days for an online chat about heart problems which is going on 24/7 or at least in the afternoon and evening. Here is the problem. My husband,very athletic,healthy eater,etc.
had a heart attack in October of 2001. Since then he was given beta blockers and then he also went on zoloft for depression. We have been together sincehigh school and would like to continue, at some point, to have a normal sex life again. I should mention that I also have had a recent hysterectomy, which hasnt helped. Primarily I am concerned about his health, obviously, but he would like to get off the beta blockers. The reason he had the heart attack was because of high cholesterol, so he had a blockage. It is hereditary. The doctors said his heart was very strong and they believe that has to do with how athletic he’s been. It is very depressing for both of us, as I am sure you all know from your own experiences. Could anyone direct me to a good chatroom where we could be supported during this time? I dont really want to post. I am looking for “real time” chat.

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My successor

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Eight years ago, after hemorrhagic stroke, I was in hospital and rehab clinic for three months. As my employer had a restructuring planned, I was talked into leaving the company. A nice amount was agreed on as compensation. So I went back to work for three months, half days, to hand over all my routine jobs and projects to three young people – - an Irishman, who since has risen through the ranks into management – - a young lady from Air Mail Dept., who still works there – - an accountant of 29 years. Last sunday I got a visit from two former colleagues : The accountant had a stroke at age 37 five weeks ago, is now in the same rehab clinic as I was. He refuses to see his colleagues, except those two who came to me. He told them, not to think about sending me for commiseration and advice. But, as they still remember my progress from a visit eight years ago, they think it is not right to exclude an experienced stroker. At that time I was in a wheelchair too, but hoping to get out soon. Eight years ago I showed them exercises to train my left arm and hand – my successor can still not move arm or fingers. Obviously he does not get competent occupational therapy. The colleagues will talk to him again this week, urging him to accept help, clearly face his fate, and move forward on the road ahead. Reinhard from Hamburg, Germany

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That’s the problem. H0202 “…should have no toxic effect, if used properly.”

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But what is “proper” use, what is a “proper” dose, and how do we each respond to a given dose?
I recall reading, a few months ago, that HP is associated with cancer, in some way. I wish I had saved the source. Perhaps someone on the list remembers this info., which I saw on the internet, somewhere. In spite of these conflicting views, I continue to use HP on my teeth, which is internal use.
Everyday, we explore these tempting substances, nutrients and supplements, I always order meds from health& canadian pharmacy, but we’re not able to do the research that needs to be done by scientific means, to determine prudent dosage, safety and efficacy. I believe that someone named Newman, I think it may have been Joe Newman, had written a book on the subject of therapeutic H202, and I briefly spoke to him about 25 years ago, at a health convention here in Toronto. I remember him saying to me, that it was better to make your own HP, though the 3.5% solution regularly available would be satisfactory.
I’ve got to relate an amazing moment in my personal life, in connection with food grade HP. I had purchased a gallon of food grade, and, from it, would fill a pint bottle for regular use. I put the pint bottle in the freezer.
At the time, we had a cleaning lady who visited once a week. One very hot day, she opened the freezer in search of ice, for a glass of water she intended to pour from the sink-tap. In a distracted moment, she saw the bottle of clear HP, which looked like a bottle of ice water, and foolishly, and unthinkingly grabbed it, and took a swallow! I’m sure she must have swallowed a couple of ounces of “food grade” HP! She came running over to my wife, and complained of a burning sensation in her throat, and managed to explain what she had done. In her hurry to drink a cold liquid, it didn’t arouse her suspicion that a bottle of water would certainly become frozen ice in the freezer.
We anxiously drove her to a nearby hospital. But by the time we got her there, the burning subsided, and a doctor matter of factly sent her home.
We were immensely relieved; and it caused her no further discomfort. I’ll never forget this incident. For all the claimed dangerousness of 35% HP, it clearly did no more than cause a brief burning sensation in one cleaning lady.
Interestingly, I believe I recall that Newman (?) recommended something like one teaspoon of 35% daily, and diluted in water; far less than the cleaning lady had consumed, full srength!

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I got my brace today

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Hi Everyone,Just a note to let you know that I got my brace today and it improved my walk 99%. I just wish I would have gotten it two months ago. My balance is greatly improved too. Also on another note all of that added movement I was having has pretty much left me except under stress.

I feel great.


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Calling all Grannies & Grandpas

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A small crisis has arisen at our house – the grandkids won’t eat our food, sniff, sniff.

Boxed/canned, this-or-that ain’t allowed in our house – we make everything from ‘scratch’. But, it’s rejected by the grandkids (9 & 12). e.g. – I made (on separate days) scalloped potatoes & macarroni/cheese. They were rejected by the grandkids – reason: they taste funny. Both of them swore they loved that stuff, but it turns out that they only like them if they come in a box.

I also made a nice Yankee Pot Roast – that was also rejected – it only tastes good if it’s in a frozen dinner.

They, of course, dearly love such things as bags of Potato Chips & Zingers. We don’t allow such things unless ‘real’ food has been consumed.

OK – so we recognize that there’s a few generation gaps here. We can bend (a little bit) but what’s with this “if it doesn’t come from a box it ain’t no good”!?!?!?

btw – we only see these particular grandkids in the summer. The rest of the time they’re with their other sets of parents – “Dad” thinks that EVERYTHING needs to be cooked in a “Fry-Daddy”.

So, before I have another stroke because of this (or, beat the crap out of the grandkids) – how do ya fellow grandparents handle this kind of situation!?!?!?!?

Thanks (I’ll go take another blood-pressure pill now, sigh)

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Calling all grannies & grandpas

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Now I am a grandpa of three small children (4-4-2), who by now, when visiting us, enjoy grandparents food, because it is something different. This might change, when they get older. Our children, who after leaving home, throw most good about good food over board, are responsible, when grandchildren react like Zooky’s. Last week, for the first time in my life, I was present at a 4th July celebration – at a US Army Post in Southern Germany. Observation No. 1 : My younger daughter and son-in-law (from California) brought me to a Commissary (Army food store), where I selected (among other delicacies) a container of Quaker Grits for nourishing and healthy breakfast food. My granddaughter was present too. She heard comments of her parents : “Yuck !! Southern grub !!”. Observation No. 2 : Favourite at the dinner party were hot dogs in fluffy
buns, with chili and beans (puke). I had insisted on cutting fresh tomatoes and onions as condiments (good occupational therapy for a troker), but most of the onions were left over. Very disgusting was the consistency of the franks – just finely ground gristles and udders. < Hebrew National was not available, but we wouldn’t have bought them anywaybecause of a possible Palestinian content in the meat (grins). Reinhard from Hamburg, Germany

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OT Whitegoose

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Hi Whitegoose

I’m glad you’re back. All these people have been so very, very naughty since you have been away. And……………there are new people expecting sense from stroke survivors and they don’t get any!

I’ve been watching Wood Duck on our property. Wood Duck used to be called Maned Geese by the original settlers. A much better name because they are small geese. Maned Geese (Wood Duck) nest up in hollows in tall trees. It is really odd seeing a goose up a tree looking for a nesting site. Even a duck up a tree is strange, a goose doesn’t seem right. Or maybe in Canada or America it isn’t so strange……… well that all waterbird stuff looks really silly. But you know what I mean.


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Another question

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Friends I got my depressed friend to agree to go fishing, when he comes back from China Now what I need is instructions on how a one handed person baits a hook I would welcome any knowledge on this subject at all If I cant teach him to bait a hook Ill push him over board and solve both mine and his problems Thank you for your help Ed aka Rassils

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Hi! from the whitegoose.

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Tomorrow, I hope to spend some time reading all the group messages. Although I set my emails to “no Mail” on strokesurvivors and riticklers,(I can read all the messages at yahoogroups webpages)I still had 85 messages in my email box.

I spent over a week at the lake. I can hardly wait to get back. I had wonderful family visitations (grandchildren and grand-neices) and wept
my way through a book called “The Poisonweed Bible.”. One of the characters in the book was hemiplaegic at birth (a twin).

My love to all of the members of this group. I hope I will feel fit enough to write to you all soon, and respond to the messages.


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I was a youth minister for many years. In that role I often needed to stay up all night. A “night owl”, I enjoyed it. After I turned 40 I
found I could still do it, if I planned ahead, took a nap the afternoon before, arranged things so I could get some extra sleep the next day,
etc. I’m just thinking, that while I do like and perhaps need a little extra sleep post stroke, perhaps some of us are “worn out” because we’ve “overdone” more than because we’re a stroke survivor. I sometimes ask, “Am I tired, forgetful, anxious, crabby… because of my stroke, because I’m getting older, because of human nature, …?”

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MIL 50th B-day

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I don’t post much, but I do read often. My FIL had a very major stroke the end of Feb. My MIL is turning 50 on June 9 and I’m at a loss as to what to get her. She is taking care of FIL full time and he isn’t able to do much. I think he can go out to lunch (dinner is too much). She doesn’t take any time for herself other than when he is at therapy and then she goes into the office to ‘catch up’ on a few things. They have plenty of money to hire someone to help, she just wants to do it herself. I think that’s the nurse in her LOL!

Does anyone have ideas for what to get her? They used to travel a ton, so that, and the Colorado Avalanche are her main passions. Any
suggestions would be appreciated.


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Dear Ed,
Just know that we here on Stroke Survivors care very much for you and will be pulling for you all the way. We don’t need to anesthetize ourselves. As for telling family, do. They’ll want to and do deserve to know. They’ll want to assist you in every way they can, pray for you, tell you and be told, important things. Just be real, be yourself. I appreciate that you don’t want to be, or appear to be, depend ant. You’re not. It’s OK to be interdependent. You give us all alot.

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The reason I continue on the testosterone treatment is

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sildenafilcitrate100mgthat my urologist tells me that, because of my early chemo treatments, my testosterone level is very low and that I am susceptable to osteoperosis. Yes, we all thought that was just for women, but it turns out that men with low testosterone are just as liable to get it. The other reason is that I lost a lot of weight during recent surgeries and am trying to get it back. The doctor tells me that the testosterone will help build body mass. But you are right, I do not think that the treatments are helping with the erections.

Testosterone can have other benefits besides sexual. Late last year after having prostate surgery I felt draggy and “ill” for a few months. My red blood count was low so the doctor (General Practitioner) told me to take an iron supplement. That didn’t work so he gave me a prescription for stronger iron and a prescription for testosterone gel, viagra 100mg and then later patches. My testosterone level was 179 and the report had the letter “L” next to it showing it as “low.” A month on the iron and testosterone and I felt much better. My hemoglobin count came up to “low normal.”

I later learned that people have been diagnosed with depression and treated for it when actually their testosterone levels were low and receiving testosterone took away the “symptoms” of depression.

I was warned about taking testosterone because I had prostate cancer surgery. One of the therapies for treating prostate cancer is “chemical” or physical castration to stop testosterone production.
I’ve heard that testosterone feeds prostate cancer. Well, when I went back to my urologist (who had removed my prostate) he told me that 179 was not a low testosterone count and had me stop taking it.

I don’t know if the testosterone helped with my feeling better or not. Maybe it did in combination with taking the prescription dosage of iron. The testosterone didn’t help me get an erection. Nothing has successfully helped that.

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Cheers, Ed!

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Hi Ed,

I sent that last post before I read of your new health challenges. Be assured, my thoughts are with you at this time.Hey, do you want your
lucky half-dollar back??!!

Oh, and I’ll definitely have a drink for/with you – I have a very nice Cabernet Merlot that I’m sampling at present.

Love and hugs,

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Tacoma Rash!

Posted by admin on Jan 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s almost 3.a.m here. Slept soundly for several hours, now am wideawake!! This is a “stroke” thing. Happens to me often.

I wore earrings during my visit to Tacoma. I had long forgotten about my allergies to any metal (other than gold). The earrings were
gold-plated (no problem) but the little fatenings in behind were suspect.

At first the ears started weeping (from the crease right behind the ear lobe). Then crusting, and I have a huge rash area the size of an
orange, under each ear into the neck area. It is burning and itchy, and looks like “the mange.”

Doc. gave me prescription for costi(steroid) creme .1%, which I am ver y suspicious of using, but after only one application, the rash has
shown promising signs of clearing up.

Another dab of creme in the morning should do the trick. Meawhile, I have enough cream in this container to treat ….(comments subdued)!!!

It cost less than $10.

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New to list

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My mom has been diagnosed with micro angio pathetic disease. She is being treated with aspirin and meds. For her high blood pressure. She lives with dad, many thousands of miles away from me. The largest feature of the effects from the strokes she has had is memory loss. I talk to her about her fear, I’d like someone to talk to about mine. And maybe some ideas of how I can help her psychologically. She is a very proud woman, and she still sometimes tries to hide her experiences with memory loss.

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I am back !!

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Hi Everyone, I am back. It’s Cheryl. If perhaps on your e-mails my e-mails come to you saying they are from Scott Snyder, that is my son and the account was set up in his name with my name as his e-mail account. He said he is not sure why it does that, it should come out saying it is from me, but Oh Well, it finally works, so if I have to be known as Scott Snyder, so be it. I have really missed all of you. so much to catch up on. My SSI/SSDI was approved. It started in December. What I am getting now is a supplemental income until April when the SSDI with start. I am still going to school, but it seems really strange not working. During the breaks from school, it is really hard. I am not good at managing free time. I will be finished with school at the end of May, and I am in a panic. I start some volunteer work on Wednesday afternoons this coming Wednesday. It is for an Adult Day Care Center. I will be helping with the activities. I am alittle nervous. I am doing fine health wise. Still struggle with depression at times, usually when I am not in school. I am meeting with my friend Robin today for a while. For those of you who are new, I had a stroke almost 2 1/2 years ago. I go to a special program at a community college for cognitive retraining and I just recently stopped working in October when the corporation that I was working for ceased operation. I live along and have a son and daughter and 5 grandchildren. Robin is a lady that is in my class that also had a stroke 3 years ago. She has expressive aphasia, but we understand each other with no problem. She can always get her point across if given enough time. Mary Claire, how is Bill and how are you and all the rest of you, Joyce, Mary, Janice and everyone else. I have really missed this group. Well have to go for now. I need to get ready to leave.


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V A Hospital

Posted by admin on Jan 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

My husband uses the facilities in Houston,and has for several years. He has an excellent cardiologist,and gets all of his medications there,or rather, we order by phone. As Zooky says,”hurry up and wait,”,but so what! I find that we do that everywhere else all the time.!
With my medication and his(open heart surgery) without V A Benefits,we’d be in bad shape—.

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VA benifits

Posted by admin on Dec 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

We have signed Don up for VA benefits. He served 4 yrs, and does not have s service connected disability. We have not utilized them yet. I wanted to get approval in case our supplemental insurance ever discontinues meds. I think we do have to go see a DR there, if I understand the notice we got, we have to go once a yr., or lose eligibility. We hear the one in New Orleans is a zoo, so we will go to Keesler in Ms. Rita

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V A Benefits

Posted by admin on Dec 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

My husband does not have a service connected disability,and he’s been getting meds and seeing his Dr. there for several years.You do have to see their Dr. in order to recieve meds—-Anything you need health wise you can get there, as you probably know.He sees his Dr. about anywhere from 4 to 6 months. The only thing about it is, it’s an all day affair.We drive about an hour to get there,and worn out when we get home.

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Tadalafil is an effective treatment for ED

Posted by admin on Dec 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

whatever the cause or duration of the difficulty or the time of the individual.

What is Tadalafil?
Started by Ranbaxy, Tadalafil is a pill used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men. It can help guys who’ve erectile dysfunction get and prolong an erection when they’re sexually excited. A person doesn’t get an erection simply by taking this medication. Tadalafil helps a guy with erectile dysfunction get an erection only when he’s sexually excited.

How does it operate?
Under ordinary conditions, when a man is sexually aroused, the member fills up with blood. Enough blood doesn’t flow to cause an erection, when erectile dysfunction occurs. This enables the flow of blood into the organ, causing an erection.

Please realize that Tadalafil is not a hormone or aphrodisiac, it works only when a guy is sexually aroused.

In just how much time does this work?
Take Tadalafil about one hour before you intend to have sex. Beginning in about half an hour and lasts for up to 36 hours, Tadalafil can let you get an erection if you’re sexually excited. Tadalafil can let you get an erection when you’re sexually excited. You won’t get an erection simply by taking the pill.

Ask your physician in case your heart is healthy enough for intercourse. Should you take any medicines which contain nitrates – either consistently or as needed – you shouldn’t take Tadalafil. You can get dizzy, light-headed, or even have a heart attack or stroke.

Ask your physician or pharmacist, if you’re unsure if any of your medications contain nitrates, or should you not understand what nitrates are. Tadalafil is just for patients with erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil is not for newborns, children, or girls.

Don’t let anyone else take your Tadalafil. Tadalafil must be utilized only under a physician’s oversight.

The correct dosage

In those patients in whom Tadalafil 10 mg doesn’t create an acceptable effect, 20 mg may be attempted. Thus, when advising patients on best use of Tadalafil, this ought to be taken under consideration.
The maximum recommended dosing frequency is once daily.
Daily utilization of the drug is strongly discouraged since the security after prolonged daily dosing has not yet been established.

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Want to bring my father home

Posted by admin on Dec 10, 2013 in Uncategorized


I need some advice. My father has been in a nursing home/rehab facility for over 90days now. he and we are ready for him to come home. He is weak but able to sit in a wheel chair. They admitted him to the nursing home unit which isn’t the skilled side, which means he may only get restorative care. If he comes home he will have an aide help him from 7-7. He then goes to bed and stays in one position all night until the aide comes back. This is what we were doing before when he was home and it seemed to work well. I was told he needs to be turned at night and it’s not healthy for him to stay in one position. I for selfish reasons want him home. I want him to see his grand daughter who has not
seen him in 4 months. I will not take her into anytype for nursing home facility. My father is affected on his left side from the stroke. at one time he started moving his left leg then he had congestive heart failure and hasn’t moved the let since. He has lost a lot of weight. My thought is if he is at home at least he will get passive motion a few times a day and he will be happier.

Could anyone please share toughts with me.


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Cirrhosis of the Liver

Posted by admin on Dec 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hey group – FYI / Liver Disease

Besides the benefits to stroke patients who undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I just heard encouraging news regarding liver disease and
hyperbarics. Recently a father in Texas told me of a time when he would accompany his son into the hyperbaric chamber and remain with him
through the entire 90 minute treatment – his son was the one originally going in for the of CP – I think. Upon return to his doctor for a
checkup on his liver (the dad had a developed case of cirrhosis of the liver ), the doctor exclaimed to the dad that his enzyme levels were
stabilizing and returning to normal. The dad is almost completely recovered ,except for a few small spots, and now runs his own hyperbaric
center. I hear the son has shown some great improvements with this therapy as well. The bigest benefit to the child was recovery of some
gross and fine motor skills. If anyone wants to get in touch with this guy – e-mail me in private and I’d be happy to put you in touch with
him. GoooOOOOOOO RAMS ! ! !


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Maybe you have played a game in the arcade where the more correctly a man fires a stable flow of water into a goal, the quicker their item rises to the top? Envision the man who sits down and pulls the trigger just to locate the water stuck within the barrel. For many guys, having a defective water gun could be both debilitating and irritating, particularly in regards to bedroom activities. That’s probably why these small blue pills, otherwise called Viagra, are flying off drugstore shelves. These tablets might not hold Avatarlike abilities however they do function like a wonder to some who have problems with among nature’s most vexing issues.

The NIH (NIH) defines male erectile dysfunction while the “inability to attain or maintain an erection adequate for acceptable sexual performance.” Let’s not mistake ED, however, with several other disorders including premature or delayed ejaculation, anorgasmia (inability to reach orgasm) or infertility. Basically, there are four bodily systems that are crucial for a regular penile erection: neurologic, vascular, psychogenic and hormonal.

1. Vascular Stimuli

Erections are the end result of transferring blood circulation within the body. Inside the corpora cavernosa are many interconnected sinuses or sacs that may fill with blood to create an erection. During an erection, however, arterial blood flow going to the blood and raises fills the sinuses leading to elongation and penile swelling. This process is helped by a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine by improving production of cAMP and nitric-oxide, which are materials that cause smooth-muscle relaxation and vasodilation (widening of blood vessels). The take home message is that adequate blood circulation to the dick will result in an erection. Simple, right?

2 & 3.

Of course blood flow isn’t the sole significant feature of an erection. Opportunities are a few will experience an erection while they’re sleeping), should you ask most guys (or their wives. This kind of erection is mediated by means of a sacral nerve reflex arc. Within the individual, however, sexual arousal mediates erections through the cns (the mainboard of nerves). To put it differently, someone who’s conscious could be aroused by their own senses (for instance, when they see an appealing individual, hear specific things, smell a specific aroma, flavor or touch a specific object…you see where it is going). These nerves activate a rise in the blood supply to the corpora and, that way, an erection is born! What exactly happens after an erection? The party must stop at some stage! A distinct neurotransmitter called norepinephrine is discharged. This compound constricts vascular smooth-muscle, reducing arterial inflow for the corpora and increasing venous outflow (i.e. more blood makes the dick). The outcome is the conventional flaccid dick, just like new.

4. Hormonal Stimuli

Roughly one-third of guys over the age of 50 have a condition called hypogonadism that’s characterised by low serum testosterone levels. A man might not create erections, when libido is decreased and ed is recognized as secondary to a low libido. However, serum testosterone levels don’t always correlate with ED therefore don’t kick off your physician’s door demanding testosterone injections just yet.

ED can manifest from just about any single or mixture of abnormalities of the four methods crucial for a regular penile erection (and you used to believe it was so easy). Social habits including drinking and smoking in addition to specific drugs have been linked to performance issues (see it will happen to other men).

How do you treat ED?

Based on the American Urological Association (AUA), determining underlying causes including psychosexual dysfunctions and disease states ought to be started followed by a hearthealthy lifestyle filled with a suitable diet and regular exercise, buy tadalafil 20mg $1.39 per pill from reputable online pharmacies When the man’s ED isn’t reversed after such changes, then these pharmacological treatments could be viewed by you along with your primary-care provider.

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hospital or home care?

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Dear Angel,

Whether or not you should bring your father back must depend on your own gut feelings on what you think is best for him.

You have first to decide whether or not his day in the clinical environment has done him any good. Please remember that a stroke survivor is frustrated and if he is not 100% happy with the care and attention that are given to him by the clinic, he will often be even more frustrated by the feeling of being abandoned by his offsprings.

For this reason, I’ve often advised the offspring or better half who brought the patient to me the first time as follows:

1. bring the patient home after we have given the patient a sample of the treatment that he/she will be subjected to from morning to night when he/she checks into our clinic as a stay-in patient. 2. the patient is to be brought back to our clinic after the patient has asked at least twice to be treated in our clinic as an in-house patient. By this, I overcame all the the problems that would have arisen in the situation whereby the patient feels “neglected & abandoned” by his loved ones.

From my experiences, the best cure for a stroke survivor to regaining his motor & other skills is his own self-confidence and his obsession to get well again. The loving care of his immediate family is often better than the faceless (and often “just a job” attitude) professionals in a clinical environment.

In the case of your father, he will need at least one hard massage a day in order to rejuvenate his blood
and qi energy circulations along with the skills of a therapist that will “unfreeze” his frozen muscles.


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Ultrapopular antibiotic azithromycin (brand name Zithromax)

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The Food And Drug Administration chose to alert the American people this month the ultrapopular antibiotic azithromycin (brand name Zithromax), may possess the capacity for provoking a deadly heart rhythm.

This information isn’t new as well as the danger is chiefly seen in patients with an earlier heart rhythm problem, low amounts of potassium or magnesium, or perhaps a low heart rate.

At first this might look like a response. Zithromax is famous because of its over-use and price ($464 million annually according to IMS Health, i.e. buy azithromycin online – generic zithromax $1.00 per pill etc.). But anxiety isn’t the finest instructor.

All antibiotics have some unwanted side effects, so whatever drug sufferers take rather than the Z-pack isn’t completely without risk either. And people that are now scared to take it could be one of the group who really want it.

He was going to lose it as unsuccessful when he found the drug concealed within your body’s tissues, and therefore even once you believed it was from the system it nevertheless had a therapeutic impact.

This resulted in the extremely popular belief behind the Z-pack, in which you just must take the drug for five days however it continues to combat disease for many days beyond that. The comfort of the Z – pack has led physicians to prescribe it to vast amounts of individuals.

The danger is exceptionally low, particularly in individuals without heart issues, (47 added deaths per million courses of the drug).

Not only that, but the research doesn’t demonstrate that Zithromax is the reason behind the deaths. Zithromax is in the same group of drugs as erythromycin, an extremely safe antibiotic that physicians are prescribing for many years, that has been connected with the same issue – but just very rarely.

Therefore this month’s information isn’t new, it just feels new, due to the awareness of immediacy and issue the media coverage brings.

The exact same issue occurred this past year, once the Food And Drug Administration added a warning for the Lipitor label that suggested it could be related to thinking difficulties or diabetes. The studies that led to the warning didn’t demonstrate that Lipitor caused these difficulties.

Keepin mind that cholesterollowering statins are shown to reduce heart-attack and stroke dangers and save innumerable lives, so it’s very important to physicians in order to get the possible danger of muscle pains or diabetes or the more distant danger of cognitive issues in circumstance for their patients.

Anxiety is really our brain’s warning system against impending risk. Anxiety isn’t the most effective teacher for educating a price/benefit analysis in regards to an useful or perhaps a lifesaving drug. This truth should be kept by the FDA in mind once it makes statements or problems warnings.

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update on daisy

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hello friends

my mother has been home for about 3 days now and it has been really good. she is so much happier, her physical recovery is going smoothly but best of all she is so happy to be with grandkids and us of course.

i am happy, really happy to say that she is able to indicate her need to go to the toilet so even though she is wearing protection, she is dry. that was my biggest worry, the toileting bit. even my worry about showering has been overrated and its a breeze. she continues to go to
PT/OT three times a week. we have a live in helper that helps with bits of everything so i am able to manage.

my only gripe is i am extremely extremely grouchy. i blew up at the taxi driver this morning for being 3mins late in picking us up for OT/PT (i have a very tight schedule, sending the kids to school going for PT/Ot and being home to pick up kids). needless to say he has asked me find alternative arrangement ( i am feeling really ashamed of myself. i wonder if all is going so smoothly why i should be so edgy.

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Re: Second Intro

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Dear Sandee,

You have had a tremendous load “dumped” on your very young shoulders. I applaud your resolve to stand by your mother and help her despite the overwhelming odds against you. You can’t do this alone. What other adults are involved in your Mom’s life? Are there other family members who are helping? Contact the doctors and other health care people (even social workers) to see what help is available. You do need to get out and meet with your friends. Your Mom had 3 “brain attacks”, she is confused, hurt, frustrated, and probably very depressed. It is normal to “take it out” on the closest person to us. If she tells you just once during the week that she loves you – believe me, she really means it. She can’t help herself the rest of the time. When she starts to swear and yell at you, leave her alone to calm down – do not yell back. Just close the door and leave her alone. Someone suggested (and they may be right) – she may need some tranquilizers for “panic attacks” – she may need anti-depressant medication (this has to be discussed with her doctor). What caused her strokes? It is important to try to find this out so steps can be taken so she won’t have any more. Mine was caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure. Does she have diabetes? It is very important she takes meds she needs, and that she gets the meds she needs. I visited your wonderful website. Love those animals. Have you a pastor or church minister who can visit and give you both some counselling? You seem to be a very level-headed young lady, but you do need some help from experienced professionals.To be realistic, it is very unlikely your Mom will ever recover 100%. Few of us do. But with love, therapy, and a good support person beside us we can recover 75% – 90% to enjoy quality of life. The “stroke” person has to have the will and attitude also. Your Mom has glimpsed her “mortality” (life ends sometime) and she is afraid, and angry, and frustrated.But yes, you do have a life also, and need to be relieved, and helped out with her care. Thank you for being a wonderful daughter (and for looking after those animals). Go to our very own website and read up as much
as you can about stroke.

Write us with any questions, and someone will always try to help.



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Second Intro

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Howdy, last time I sent in my intro I had to run so I didnt get to introduce myself as I wanted. So I will do it again. My name is Sandee and I am 20 years old. My mom is 55 and had a stroke last spring. My mother and I never got along to well so I was living 400 miles away (in the BIG city) when all of a sudden I and the rest of the employees in the company I worked for found ourselves unemployed. At the time I thought this was horrible and why did it have to happen to me. I decided that the next weekend I would go to the two day rabbit show that was in the area where my mom lives. I ended up staying at my moms house and that Saturday morning started like any other day in our lives. We had a fight. I went to the show and when I got home my mother was unconsious. I called an ambulance and followed them into the hospital. At 5am all I knew was my mom had had a stroke and when I went into see her she did not want to see me. I went to the second day of the show and spent the day surrounded by my friends (and family as I call them) When I went back to the hospital no one would tell me anything about her. I finally had my bestfriends mom (who is a nurse at that hospital) track down my moms nurse and get some info. I found out that my mom had had three strokes in succession and that she would be in the hospital the next two weeks and then rehab for at least 6 weeks. I went to live with my best friend and her family until mom came home, comeing home daily to feed and water all our animals (we have a farm) I went back to Seattle during this time and moved all my stuff backhere. I commited myself to staying here and caring for her. Everyone told me
just to let the state take care of my mom and that I should not ruin my life. But I thought how hard can this be. The first night she came home I wasbeating myslef in the head for staying and wishing I had listened, but I decided to stick with it. I have done a lot of growing up since that daybutthere are days (most actually) that I wish that I could leave her and go out with my friends. But once a week or so my mom will tell me “thank you” or “I love you” and that is what I live for. Mentally my mom is about 12, and she cries all of the time. I had never seen my mom cry until she had her stroke. She will throw tantrums (kicking, screaming, yelling, crying, thoriwng things) at least every day, and blames everything that happens on me. The Tv does not work today and it is of course all my fault. It is cold outside, my fault. I dont dare have anyone over because she will chase them off. And sometimes she will even unplug the phone while I am talking. Or she will get on the other phone and yell at that person. She yells at the tv and swears all of the time. Is there anything that I can do to make her stop this? I try really hard to stay calm and justdeal with whatever is wrong, but she has always known just hot to push my buttons (she will kick my dog or something like that) and I am afraid that I give in and yell a lot. I dont want to, I just get really fursterated with
her and the way she is acting. I pray each night that tommorrow things will be better and she will be back, but she is not. God has helped me through this tho, and I am thankful. I have to get outside and feed the animals. Hope to enjoy this list.

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Affected Hand

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Hi Angel. I am a carer for my Mum, her hand is permanently closed. She wears a sheep skin hand protector on her hand to keep it slightly opened. We have tried placing a cone in the glove to keep the hand further apart, but Mum has ‘chronic pain syndrome’ and could not stand the cone. So it is a permanent thing for Mum, we have tried muscle relaxants,and botox, and they have either not worked as in the botox, or had bad side affects. The important thing I have found it that because the hand is closed all the time, that her nails are soft due to no exposure, so I use a nail hardener on them, and also clean her palm and between her fingers with tea tree oil, because if they are closed all the time you can get hygene problems. Sometimes it is impossible to pry her fingers open, and I have found that if I lift her thumb, then the fingers relax. Hope this is some help. Cheers…..John O’Keeffe

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Focu s Factor

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We have the same ad here. Don has thought about it, but tends not to believe it because of all the hype. (an improvement, a yr. ago, he wanted to buy everything on TV that was advertised) He liked the spot where they say it’s not just for children but also for adults and even have a Tex. politician. Don said if they have a politician then its for adults and adulteresses. Rita

There is being advertised on Chicago radio something called ” * Focus” which is being described as a product which will improve brain activity and/or recall. It is additionally described as a “nutritional supplement”. H

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New therapies for injured brains

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Hi Moira C. and Whitegoose !

Thanks very much for the article from New York Times.

Next week I will be present, when a stroke survivor is in intensive treatment (six hours a day) over two weeks for Constraint Induced Therapy of the lower extremities at one of the three centers worldwide (Hamburg-Eppendorf). For meself the treatment does not promise much success (too much motoric power against heavy sensoric deficiencies). But I will report about my on-the-spot impressions.

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Hello again everybody,
I just want to say thank you for the warm welcome extended to me by so many…how exciting to be part of such a supportive group! I have
also gotten several questions from a few of you over the past week, and I just want to let you know that I am researching as many as I
can. I will get back to you ASAP…but it may be a little while. Please bear with me. I want to be of help if possible. Again, thanks
for your reception!

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lost dentures/ stolen clothing and rosary

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Another sad update- we are trying but not getting anywhere- we are now thinking about an elder abuse attorney.

I have been on the warpath regarding clothing that has been missing for months. It finally came to a head when we visited and realized that she was missing her bottom denture- the nursing home personnel hadn’t noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They looked around but of course it is gone. We demnaded that they not only pay for the clothing but also her denture. The person in charge of that refused to respond to my phone calls and then went out of town for more than a week and no one else had the authority to do anything.

I then called the ombudsman as well as the state elder abuse/nursing home complaint line.

I find it disgusting tha the personnel want us the believe that she is eating just fine without her lower denture ( that is why she lost 9 lbs last month).

Well, they are getting around being responsible for and paying for the denture by asking the facility dentist to look at her dentures and the teeth that she has and determine that she needs NEW dentures and extractions and medicaid will pay for it since he and the medical doctor have determined that it is medically necessary.

The clothing is another story. One person let it slip out that they were having a meeting with the ombudsman – a meeting we were not invited to.

During the meeting they just made a list of the clothing found in her clothes hamper as clothing that had been missing and told the state reps that “everything had been found”

I explained to the ombudman later that it was a circus/dog and pony show- all lies. But the clothing is still missing. This includes 13 pair of socks, a pair of tennis shoes, slippers, jackets and as of last week someone had even stolen a black pearl rosary from her dressor. It is disgusting.

I went back to the nursing home the next morning and accused them of the charade and told them the clothing was STILL missing- the head of housekeeping who instrumented the charade called me a liar and walked out. She is a real *itchwith an attitude.

A week and a half later nothing has been done. The state takes up to 45 days to get someone out there to investigate. So I guess the private attorney is the only answer.

But we have checked other nursing homes and they are either worse or they won’t take her due to the restraints that are needed to keep in her wheelchair.

I cannot believe what is happening. We can only hope to win the lottery to be able to get her out of there.

just thought I would keep y’all informed.


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Research Project – Our Participation.

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Hi to Group,
Recently, I received a request for our Group to participate in a research project. The Moderators, Kate, Peter and myself, discussed this, and we have decided to participate, after checking to assure it was genuine, and that ouranonymity would be assured. Extracts from the original email I received follow my message. This is open to debate, and if any member does not want his/her messages used – they will be excluded. I hope you will recognize the importance of this research and agree to participate. best wishes, whitegoose (owner-moderator, strokesurvivors)

Extracts from the email received from Dr. Urbanowski.

I am an associate professor at the Dalhousie University School of Occupational Therapy in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. I am preparing to conduct research on how people use on-line listservs, bulletin boards, and chat rooms to seek information and social support using support groups on the internet.

This information will also be used to help people become effective members of support groups when in time of need.

I would like to collect information from the support group that you operate. The data will be collected by copying … information posted by members.

THERE WILL BE NO SOLICITATION OF INFORMATION AND NO COMMUNICATION WITH MEMBERS. All of the data collected will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous. Any member who wishes to have their communication excluded from the study could request this … with no reprecussions to them at all.

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I can understand your feelings perfectly,as I experienced the same while playing for funerals of very close friends and members of our
congregation.Sometimes the feeling was almost robotic,and I was always in control of my emotions. But after strokeing,no control at all,and seems as if I shed all those tears that should have been let go way before .Maybe we should have allowed ourselves to be more natural at all times and in all situations rather than trying to be in control. Less stress!

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Hmmm–Suspicions confirmed

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This is astonishing news I just read a publisked report in a medical journal that a virus carried by women causes men to have depression. It read, ” Virus carried by mans best friend causes him to have depression.” They will resort to anything to get at us. They turn around and call themselves mans best friend. Of all the low underhanded tricks!!.


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Thalamic Pain

Posted by admin on Aug 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Yes, it is me again on my favorite topic. I will probably be forever on this. at least until something concrete is done for this insufferablere, cloying, nagging, tearing, ripping, chewing, burning pain that just doe’s not let up. Someone sent a message the other day asking if it ever let up. It certainly does, when you have the guts and gumption to despatch a bullet into yourself. That kind of courage fails me—SO FAR. Our medical establishment is afraid we may become addicted if we use narcotics. What a sick bunch of gutless goofs. I’d give you a nickel for the whole works of them and I would still be overcharged. Half the country or better is addicted to cigarettes and liquor but they will not prescribe an addictive substance or substances to reliieve pain. Well let me tell you, all of you, I would much rather be addicted to narcotics than be addicted to pain. I have used and will continue to use illegal drugs for the amelioratin of pain. My biggest problem is to have a constant source. The “authorities” sit and celebrate their arrests and breaking up of so called drug rings. Remember they are doing all this celebrating while they cosume alcohol and smoke cigarettes. The Drs. that come out front and center to rule againt us using narcotic pain killers are front and centre themselves treating the helpless morons as they are treated for Lung Cancer from cigarettes and liver failure from alcohol abuse. So I will continue with my quest for “illegal drugs” or until asuch time as something is developed that will cause me to smile upon your beaming faces.

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update on Carmel and family (long)

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Paula remembered us and asked for an update. So here goes. We have been having problem with the email at since net2phone took over- it can take up to a week to get my emails!! Please forgive the length.

They also deleted my address book which I had to start over from scratch.

Carmel is getting worse and we are working with her doctor to see what the problem is. She had to be put on an antipsychotic drug for iolent outbursts. Her original doctor dropped her and gave us no reason. But that was a blessing in disguise since her new MD is a specialist in geriatrics and works with nursing home patients only. The antipsychotic seemed to be working but it made it more difficult to move ( a side effect of the drug) plus she is getting the kyphosis of parkinson’s so she is leaning over more. They have been trying different Physical therapy aides to help her sit up straighter but nothing has worked so far. So they stopped the antipsychotic and there was no improvement.
So they restarted it and now she is changing the Parkinson’s meds to see if that helps her move better.

She appears dehydrated at times and when we go to visit, we offer her water, sodas, juice and she will drink at least 24 oz of fluids while we are there. As a nurse, Iknow how and I have checked her skin turger and know that she is way behind on fluids. The doc says that the blood work also shows dehydration. But I know that the nursing staff won’t force fluids- so they don’t have to change her depends as often. It is so disgusting they way these people have to live. It is even scarier when you realize that there are people there who do not have family members to fight for them.

Her clothing situation is about the same except higher priced items seem to be leaving now- like her tennis shoes and jackets. I can’t get a stright answer out of them as to the policy they are supposed to have: if they can’t find it they have to replace it- they say they are still looking – but the jacket and shoes have been missing almost 2 months. I want to know what is the limit for looking before it is replaced.

We tried to find another place but all the nursing homes here in this area are owned by the same company. The social worker was a real *itch calling us alot about the move – like she was pushing to get her out of there. But the nursing homes I spoke to either won’t take medicaid, or won’t take her because of the dementia and the restraints they are using to keep her safe.

They refused to change the charting about the person who took Carmel outside and left her unattended even though that person told nursing home personnel she was there and that the friend had to leave and someone had to take Carmel back inside. All personnel who was there that day lied and said no one knew Carmel was outside.

The good news is that Bill has a new position with another company. He is a partner with a pharmacy company that delivers to hospices and nursing homes and private homes. The owner wants to branch out to a regular delivery service and needs someone to handle the problems with the drivers that he has now.

My life is one big question mark. I am in so much pain. After I am up for 2 hrs the pain begins to worsen and gets worse as the day goes on. I am going to Physical therapy 3 days a week and that increases the pain level. The ortho doc DID see fusion at the last visit but he told me the burning sensation is probably an irritated nerve and there is no treatment except for the pain meds and muscle relaxers.

Physical therapy eval showed that I still have nerve damage on my left leg and it is alot weaker than the right. It makes some of the exercises that require balance very difficult. I am still not allow to return to work. My employer does not have a light duty program and I cannot go back to bedside nursing. Sometimes I just sit and cry because it seems like I will never be able to do anything- I can’t seem to get better myself, how can I work with other helping them recover? I get so frustrated and wonder if I will ever work again. The disability company is making my life hell and treatening to drop me since in their opinion, I am taking too long to recover. My doctor is being required to provide additional information why it is taking so long. I am not sure there is anything else he can say to make them understand when they don’t want to.

The stress of fighting with the nursing home and the disability company just aggivates my back pain and muscle spasms. But I have to do both. I will not allow those people to take advantage fo Carmel without a fight. I need the disability payments to meet our bills each month. We have already declaired bankruptcy but there is still the mortgage and car payments on the vehicles we still have.

Well that is all for now – will add more when we find out more about Carmel’s prognosis. The doctor thinks the parkinson’s is just getting alot worse. Bill thinks that she will be leaving us soon.


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What can we still eat ?

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Latest news in the European press :
Norway has banned Kellogg’s Cornflakes – and Denmark, France and the Netherlands might follow. The reason is, that those cereals are enriched with iron. Too much iron is said to be responsible for a lot of cases of heart attacks, diabetes and brain tumors. So after us meat eaters are scared of beefsteak and pork sausages (not me though), and the veggy lovers among us strokers avoid leafy greens because of vitamin K, now the cereals are under scientific suspicion. So what ? You die only once.


BTW : Did the group receive my Vitamin K Hitlist ? Regarding garlic : the health effect of fresh garlic is far greater than the danger from Vitamin K. And : If you eat a portion dangerous for you, the people around you will die first.

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hair styling

Posted by admin on Aug 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Before my stroke, I used to always wear my hair styled in a simple ponytail. I couldn’t do that after the stroke, because some medicine I was given, made some of my hair fall out around the edges. I used to comb my hair in a ponytail. Now, I just wear a wig. It’s much easier and prettier; I wear one of the wigs with braids in it, and I look no different from other women my age (24). How do you style your hair?


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Thanks Zooky. Coumadin/Garlic/BP

Posted by admin on Jul 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Zooky wrote:
Oops. Gotta issue a warning here about using garlic around Coumadin. Otherwise it’s a fine herb to use for high b.p. & cholesteral.

Thanks Zooky. Anyone on BP meds also needs to be careful using garlic since in some of us garlic *can* reduce our blood pressure readings. re: Coumadin: anyone on warfarin(coumadin) needs to have a full discussion with their doctor/a nutritionist on what they can and cannot

None of us should be trying to self-medicate. Very dangerous with all the meds we are taking. But the information we receive on this list is priceless. Each of us must make notes to discuss with our docs. If the docs can’t supply ansers, then you need to discuss with herbalists, naturopaths, etc. Maybe someday these groups (medical doctors, naturpaths, herbalists, etc.) will “meet” and discuss their various methodoligies for the betterment of us all. Today, they seem to be competing with one another – not good for us.


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To Newest member Jim Re: Coma — what questions to ask before pulling the plug

Posted by admin on Jul 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear New Member Jim,
We are laypersons on this Group, so can only give our feelings and opinions based on our own experiences and what we have heard second and third-hand. However, if it was my uncle, I would want to know if the surgery to repair the aorta was successful. I would want to know and be assured he was receiving intravenous nourishment, I have no knowledge of the care of a person in a coma to avoid bed-bruising, washing and hygeine etc. so I would be questioning the nurses and staff about this.
It would seem to have been an ischemic stroke (clot based as a result of the operation). A CT Scan or MRI would have confirmed this, and he might have been a candidate for a radical new treatment that, when given within 3 hours of stroke, can mitigate and/or even reverse the damage. I would want to know if this treatment was considered, and if not, why not? However, that is for later.
Right now, I would want an opinion from a neurologist familiar with strokes. The CT Scan/MRI would show where the stroke occurred, and the extent of the damage. If I didn’t like the first neurologiest’s opinion, I would request a second opinion from another neurologist (after both had viewed the Scan/MRI results). I know of quite a few strokers who have emerged from comas of varying lengths (but do not know if they were actually on life-support systems or not).
Many strokes are fatal. And the doctors may be right. But they may also be wrong. Immediately after a stroke, the brain goes into action to self-heal. In layman’s terms – it (the brain) somehow “shuts down” many functional “pathways” while trying to disperse the pool of blood that has accumulated, while some adjacent cells may be trying to “learn” to take over those functions. In some instances swelling occurs, sometimes causing more damage (only a neuro can decide if anything can be done about this).
Sometimes if the body can be kept “alive” for a few weeks, or even months, enough healing can occur to hope that some systems will become functional again (i.e. breathing alone, reactivation of the sleep/wake centre) and/or other functions.
How long since the surgery? What kind of general health condition was your uncle in prior to the aortic rupture? His age? The neurologist needs to take a full evaluation of “everything” prior to giving you an informed professional/medical opinion.
My thoughts are with you and your uncle’s family during this awful time. I would be very reluctant to “pull the plug” until all the avenues had been explored.

moderator of the group.

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You need the respite and he needs the therapy. Will your Dr. “give him a good talking to”. If not just tell him you are convinced this is what is best for him to progress, and he is going to be there. If he wastes his time there, that is his choice, but you have done your part. He sounds like my father after his stroke. Thank God my husband is the world’s most cooperative person. Rita

<< Any suggestions on how I should handle him or myself when he is getting nasty. Some times I talk back to him but now I am afraid that I am going to raise his blood pressure. >>

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Cheryl’s application

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Dear Cheryl -
if you do not like to blow into your own horn, let us do it. Use quotations from us, especially from Noddy’s letter. Here is one from me, to include in, or attach to, your application : Our International Community of Stroke Survivors depends to a great extent upon the activities of Ms. Cheryl Grebel. She gives support on many aspects of life after Stroke. Reinhard Schramm – Ahrensburg, Germany

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Advice needed

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Hello everybody
The doctor and social worker informed me that my husband will be coming home anywheres from Jan 14 to Jan 22. They are going to do rehab at home. He is starting his fourth week of rebah but is not meeting their goals. He is trying very hard and has not complainted at all. I asked about putting him in another rehab but they felt he would do better at home. What is your reaction to this?
I have to have a caregiver come in because he can not be left by himself. I am going to take a leave from my job ( using stress for a few weeks) I am a teacher therefore I will be home by 3:00. He cannot walk by himself but he told me he will be walking when he leaves to come home. Any suggestions on how to care for him. Things I should or should not do.
At first I was upset about him coming home, I thought he was coming home to die. But he find out he was getting too much medication for sleeping, leg craps, and his back. since they change his medicine he has improved 100%.

My prayers are with everyone and my line to him is use it or lose it.
Thanks again for everything


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Stroke survivors meeting

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Hi everyone
Are there stroke survivors meeting taking place in other states besides California. I live at the Jersey shore and would love to have this for myself and my husbank Thanks again


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Going on a trip.

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Just wanted to let everybody know that I will be gone for a couple of days. I should be back to my computer Wed. or Thurs. I’ve changed my message receiving status until we return.

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EMail adress

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Hello Darlene – wanted to send you a letter outside the group – and forgot to note your EMail adress. Always when I want to do two things at the same time, I forget about one. My Neurologist says, this is not due to stroke, because it happens to him too.

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Age difference

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Yesterday I visited a meeting of another local stroke club, 30 km / 20 miles from here. This group is, like mine, 5 years old, and was founded by the wife of a survivor. She was not at the meeting, has dropped out of the club. The others were eager to tell me the whole story – and I was reminded of Whitegooses letter about young women and old men :
Mr. A was 13 years ago chief supervisor and life guard of the big communal indoor swimming arena, 45 years old, married, two children. Then a very attractive female attendant (22) was hired. They fell in love, he got a divorce, they married. (I think, what attracts young women to much older men is the combination lover/father.) They bought a house. To avoid his two children’s inheritance rights in case of his death, the house was documented as wholly hers. 8 years ago he had a heavy stroke while on life guard duty. The new Mrs. A did everything for his rehabilitation, even founded the stroke club. Sometimes his condition changed for the better, sometimes there were relapses. He still is in a wheelchair, can scarcely speak. Last year she met another man – and had the town’s social security office provide a disabled person’s apartment for her husband, so the new man could move into “her” house. Once a week she visits Mr. A, brings washed clothes and collects dirty ones. Once a week his brother comes to bathe him. Otherwise his days are 48 hours long.

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no hope to stop this nursing home abuse

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Hello again,
We visited Carmel the other day and she didn’t even know her son. She asked about Bill – looking straight at him. She cannot straighten her legs and holds her head up off the bed because of the stiffening of the Parkinson syndrome.
The nurse told us she refused to eat her dinner and we tried a “mightly shake” and she didn’t want that either. We did get some ice cream into her. I fed her and found out that I certainly cannot do patient care anymore – after about 20 minutes of standing beside her bed feeding her my back started hurting and didn’t stop for more than a day even with my pain meds. I want to do so much for her. I noticed that her ears are just crusted with something – food? dry and old skin? who knows.
We contacted an attorney about the bruises and neglect and found that since this nursing home is bankruptcy- lawsuits can’t be filed against them. So they can go on hurting people and neglecting them and no one can stop them. Oh I am so angry that they can get away with this.
I am going to call the nursing home next door to where she is. Even though they refused her earlier – it was because she needed restraints while in the wheelchair. Thye don’t get her up anymore. If she is going into hospice care, she will be in her bed. That plus having the hospice staff there hopefully will make things better for her final days.
We will be meeting with her doctor and the nursing home staff tomorrow regarding the hospice care. We also will be talking to one of the hospice programs at the nursing home. Hopefully in the next few days, we will have alot more information regarding our options.
If there could be 24 hour assistance for all aspects of her care, we would even consider bring her home. But that we need to think about long and hard. I can’t be responsible for any aspect of her care and possible injure my back.
I feel so helpless when I see her dirty and wet and the staff just ignore her. In fact, when we were there the odor of urine was so strong, I told them about it several time and their response was, the aides had to finish picking up trays, before they could come change her. Reminding them I am a nurse and I know what laying in urine can do the skin normally makes them more alot faster.
But it is sad when you think of all the patients there who do not have family who care like we do. Carm’s roommate never has any visitors. We always talk to her. One day a family did visit and Bill informed the family that the patient’s back was covered with bruises ( that we saw) and the man’s response was “yea, and she probably has bedsores, that’s just the way it goes and there is nothing that can be done.”
The other day her roommate just begged us to come over and talk with her – which we did. But she is just so alone.

I will keep you all in touch.


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More Fraud Schemes – Beware.

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Hi to Group,
It is sick to think that “low-life people” are trying to capitalize on the Sept. 11 tragedy. If anyone phones you, emails you, or solicits at your door, or even sends you a letter asking you for funds – which they promise to forward to the American or Canadian Red Cross as part of the relief effort – they are all bogus. The organization of the Red Cross does *not* solicit funds in this way. To donate, a donor has to go to them. For those of us online they have a website (since Sept. 11, their site has been given links from most of the browsers and news websites).
If you are “off-guard” when you get a phonecall, or door-to-door visitation, ask them to mail you or give you information about their group while you consider. See if they’ll give you a telephone no. and report them to your Better Business Bureau, local police authority, even City

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I just about forgot and it is a good thing that they tied that rope aeround my neck. I don’t know but they were an anxius lot. They were trying to get me to sit on this horse under a tree. They must have been goibg to have a church service because there was this priest there in his nightgown or something.. He kept uttering, ” I can play dominoes better than you can pat dominoes” I didn’t want to play anywat, I just wanted to get to Marys BIRTHDAY PARTY.Have a good and great day my love one of these bright years I will see you on your birthday.
I was stationed at Ent AFB in Colorado Springs many moons ago. I was the onlt Canadian sailor around and noone could figure out who or what I was. Once more, all the best wishes in the world. It is my pleasure to have met and had the spirit of you.


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z00zy et all.,

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Seward bought ALASKA from the Russians for a few rubles and a few shots of stale vodka. THE LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN was named followibf Robert W. Services poem and he never set foot in ALASKA. He was an expatriate from the US however. Began his life in Scotland and died on theFrench Riviera in the 50′s or 60′s. So endeth my history lesson for today,


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Yesteday, I saw my neurologist who told me that probably my foor will never be the way it used to be. !@#$%^&*%$# BUT I will be able to function normally. What is that? He says there is a lot of strength in the foot though. Factor 8 is going to be measured again, just to see if it went down since the last time it was counted, just after the stroke, in october. Then F8 was at 150%, quite toomuch.
He showed me the part of the brain damaged by the stroke – I was impressed! So much damage and relatively so little consequences… I am happy and lucky to get out of this episode the way that I do – I lost a few things for sure, but I am also learning so much, about life, death, love, myself… About what I want and don’t want (anymore). About what is imprtant and what isn’t (anymore).At 35, I am 95 sometimes, saying Very Wise Things to my friends.
You loose some, you win some. I’m glad to know what I know now and glad that I don’t need to spend time amymore, learning all that (I don’t necessarily feel like learning more this way though).Hugs to the wise people!

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Louise- catching up – and question for caregivers

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Hi everyone… with my dad coming home this past Wed. I have been very busy, and behind in my e-mails. Thanks to all who have been helping me with your stories, tips, and experiences. I haven’t been able to remember the names of everyone who has helped – please forgive me – but THANKS TO YOU ALL. My dad is doing ok, and my mom is managing him well. The home therapy should start next week. Now that the immediate “crisis” is over, I am feeling quite down. The work has been piling up all month – and I haven’t been keeping up. Now that dad is home, and I have more time, I look around at the messes and undone jobs and feel overwhelmed. I have the urge to stay in bed and forget it all. Has aonyone else gone through this? Is it a normal phase? Please share your experiences. Thanks.

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My stroke was also on the right side, efecting the left part of the brain. I think your right about not giving up after a stroke. Things have gotton better over time, but I’m not sure if a total recovery is possible. I know I’ll never be able to play baseball again or be able to
run. So what part of the state are you from. I think by you going back to work was a total triumph over having a stroke, Michael

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Buses for disabled people

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I was due for my protime test on Tuesday. My sister works near Kaiser and I didn’t see any use in her getting me, after work, to take me to Kaiser for my protime. Anyway, my uncle was in an accident, and he told me that if you’re disabled, they have a special bus for you to get on. I applied for the bus program last month, and they sent me an approval letter at the beginning of this month. So, I finally used it today. I had to get my protime done, so I called yesterday to tell them to get me this morning. I had to wait in front of my apartment complex for them to get me. She came on time. We picked up one other person, and went to Kaiser first, because he was going to a VA hospital that was further away. I got to Kaiser and went to the lab for my protime test. Then I just waited for the time that I had told them I would be ready to go back. When that time came, I went to where she had dropped me off at (right in front of Kaiser). The driver was different, but my ride back home was quick. I just think that the bus for disabled people is so good. They even had wheelchair lift and ramp. The maximum price they can charge is just $0.75 more than the fair for the regular bus, which I take to school on Tuesday (because my geology lab starts before my sister gets off work).


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